Web Portals

SAMPro® ERP includes a collection of web portal solutions that make it easy for your construction business to manage your business anytime and from anywhere. Whether you need reporting in real-time, to enter time for your crew, or need to provide the latest updates on sub-contractor productivity, there is a SAMPro® portal that will meet your needs.


Fully Integrated Business Analytics

Transform every component of your data into a portrait of your business activities. With an unlimited selection of KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators), managers can utilize information for departmental needs and easily drill down from large to small sets of data.

Provides instant access to real-time business analytics with interactive management dashboards that run in any browser, locally, or in the field.

How DBAnalytics® Can Help You:
  • Improve and Expedite Decision-Making
  • Recognize Cost Inefficiencies
  • Synchronize Financial & Operational Strategies
  • On Demand Real-Time Information
  • 2019 Dealer Design Award
Summit Business Systems DBAnalytics Web Portal


Remote Time Entry/Remote Time Management Portal

Summit Business Systems TimeAnywhere Web Portal

To accommodate the increasing mobile workforce, TimeAnywhere® makes it easy to enter labour and expenses while on the road or in the field. Submitted time automatically updates SAMPro® Enterprise, eliminating the risk of duplicate data entry and costly clerical errors. When used in conjunction with DBAnalytics®, TimeAnywhere® provides managers with daily up-to-date reports on the hours and expenses applied to their jobs.

How TimeAnywhere® Can Help You:
  • Eliminate Time Entry Errors
  • Customizable per Job & Employee
  • Real-Time Project Management Reporting
  • 2016 Dealer Design Award


Customizable Self-Service Portal

A browser-based self-serve portal enabling your clients a secure and easy way to review their service requests and invoices, enter a new service request, accept a quote, and much more. Give your clients the power to better manage their business with access to work history that you performed at their fingertips.

How FMAnywhere® Can Help You:
  • Create & Manage Work Requests
  • Streamline Quotes & Estimates
  • Customizable per Client
  • Real-Time Information Access
  • Secure, Historical Data Storage
Summit Business Systems FMAnywhere Web Portal


Client and Prospect Management Portal

Summit Business Systems CRMAnywhere Web Portal

A Client Relationship Management (“CRM”) software developed to fully integrate with SAMPro® Enterprise. Command the power of client data in new ways to enhance internal communication, reinforce current client relationships, manage, decipher and transform information into increased sales and new business revenue all in one place.

How CRMAnywhere® Can Help You:
  • Unify your Sales Team
  • Gain and Maintain Customers
  • Manage Opportunities & Activities
  • Track Customer Activity
  • Google and Outlook Calendar Integration


Service Subcontractor Management Portal

Utilize wireless and web-based communication technology to transport your company, your clients, and your service subcontractors to the next level. Improve turnaround time by providing your subcontractors the ability to create estimates, update work orders or auto-generate purchase orders, capture equipment metrics, and more from any web-enabled, Android wireless device.

How SubAnywhere® Can Help You:
  • Optimize Day-to-Day Operations
  • Real-Time Communication
  • Receive Active Notification when Subcontractors aren’t performing as planned
  • Capture Charges that Flow to Billing and Accounts Payable
Summit Business Systems SubAnywhere Web Portal

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